Monday, 12 January 2015

January 2015 Outcast Club monthly meet.

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.
The Outcast VW Club is a small Volkswagen orientated club based in Aylesbury in the county of Buckinghamshire. We normally meet at The Charter Pub on the Bicester Road, in Aylesbury on the first Thursday of each month, however this month the first Thursday was New Years day and we thought that due to the New Year celebrations there could be quite a few people with sore heads, so we decided to put the club meet back a week.

Kevin and Sam came to the club meet in Kevin's
Trial Beetle. Kevin and Sam are father and son
who are both into Trialling their Beetles.

This weekend the pair are off to Devon to a
trial which I think starts at 05.00am on Saturday
and finishes sometime on Sunday, good luck

Dave and Angela came along in their daughter
Louise's beige Beetle, named 'Brum'. This bug
has just had some serious cosmetic work
carried out including a whole new dashboard
and new seats being fitted.

This really is a nice looking Beetle.

Not a very good photo of the new dash due to
the steering lock having been fitted. Dave was
saying that all the switches now work as they
should and even the heater works.

The new high back seats with headrests that
Dave purchased for Louise. The new dash
and new seats along with getting the heating
working was a surprise for Louise, and I'm
told she loves the new look 'Brum'

My 1969 bay window looking a bit tired under
the car park lights of The Charter Pub.

I intend to get my bus painted this year, when
the Oil Droppers workshop find the time. I am
going to keep the original colour scheme of
Delta Green (L610) and Cloud White (L581)
I'm even going to paint the bumpers.. !!

Simon and Amanda popped down in Amanda's
Golf. Simon's T4 had a slight accident earlier
in the day so it was off the road.

The infamous 'kiss arse' number plate on
Amanda's Golf.

I was told not to mention Amanda's parking...
I not sure why, she's almost in the parking

Kevin came down to the club meet in 'The
Grinch' his long wheelbase T4.

This picture is a first for me, I have never seen
Kevin's T4 other than immaculate, so the state
of this rear end is shocking, I never thought I'd
see the day...

Stuart and Tim came to our monthly meet in
Stuart's 1971 red oxide bay window with the
hand painted chequered front.

Stuart owns and runs Oil Droppers workshop
and will be painting my bus later in the year,
and they carried out all the work on Louise's

Pete came along in his 1994 Caddy. I saw a
message on face book saying that Pete may
be moving away so won't be able to come to
our club meets, that's a shame as Pete is a
very likable and popular guy.

Not sure if this is Pete's workhorse or just his
daily driver, but those wheels could do with
some attention Pete.

We had a new vehicle and owner come down
tonight, the owner is a guy called Andy (I think)
and his ride is a 1970 Beetle, or what's left of
it, as this Beetle has had some serious body

A very blurred and fuzzy picture of Andy's bug.

The deck lid was trick, with it looking like it had
been peeled back.

There are far too many body modifications to
note them all here, but as Andy has just moved
to the outskirts of Aylesbury, hopefully he and
his wife will come down again and give the me
the chance to photograph more of his car to show

So that was the January monthly meet of the
Outcast VW Club. We meet on the first Thursday
of each month at The Charter Pub in Aylesbury,
HP19 8BE from 7.00pm onwards. We are an
informal friendly club and welcome all VW
owners whether air cooled or water cooled.
So now you know where and when we meet,
we'll see you next month, right?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

About the Outcast VW club

The Outcast VW Club was formed in May 2012 by three VW owners from Aylesbury who wanted a club for regular meets and drive outs to various VW shows. The Outcast VW Club invite you to join us in your VW for an informal gathering of other VW enthusists at 'The Charter' pub on the A41 Bicester Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8AW, on the first Thursday of each month from 19.00 - 22.00. Come along and meet other VW owners for a chat about everything VW, ask questions or give advice on technical issues, or just have a look at the other VW's you have seen driving around.
Club founder Stuart Munro and his 1971
Bay Window

Club founder Claude Buisan and his
1960 Split Screen Kombi

Club founder Dave Clark and his
1969 Microbus

Come along and join in the fun, we are a friendly bunch who organise drive out's to different venues and shows throught the summer months... but don't worry there is no obligation to join in! We are just a bunch of VW owners who like to have a chat and and a beer and generally enjoy the VW lifestyle. We look forward to meeting you in your air-cooled or water-cooled VW